How to make the Perfect Eyebrow

How to make the Perfect Eyebrow image

To prepare means getting your face cleaned, primed, and ready for make-up! Pluck or Trim your unwanted eyebrow area and comb the hair of your brow in the direction of your hair growth— and you are good to go. 

Take out LAMICA's Eyebrow Brush and fuel with your favorite eyebrow gel or powder. Tap off some excess powder if you are using a powder eyebrow product and start to lightly outline from the inner part of your brow to the outer part. *Having troubles finding the perfect arch for your brow? Try finding your natural arch by placing your eyebrow brush diagonally starting from the outside of your nostril to the outside of your iris. 


Again with LAMICA's Eyebrow Brush, fuel it with your eyebrow powder and tap off some excess powder. Focus filling the arch and the tail of your brows and use lighter color for the middle of the brow.  


The other end of LAMICA's Eyebrow Brush is the Spoolie. Pick up the shadow of the powder from the tail to the center of your eyebrow. The finish line is where your brow is perfectly aligned with the center of the nostrils. 


Using LAMICA's Concealer Brush, pick up your concealer to the outer part of your filled eyebrows. This way not only does it make your brows look neater but it also gives extra definition!