• Why do makeup brushes shed?

Relax :) It’s perfectly normal for a makeup brush to shed a few hairs now and then. A big soft brush with lots of movement will eventually be having sheds and bristle breakage. A wide fluffy brush has less dense hair with a wider contact area between the bristles and glue, meaning that there’s more chance for hairs to loose and ‘shed’ when being used. Most brand new brushes will shed hair when you first get them. By having been bundled up in plastic since they left the factory and haven’t had a chance to bend, flex and shed any loose hairs.

• How to avoid shedding when washing your brush?

Overtime, bad cleaning habits will turn your brushes bald. When cleaning your brushes, never fully submerse them under water, or saturate the bristles all the way up to the ferrule. When water gets under the ferrule it can weaken the glue and soften the knotting holding the brush bristles in place, leading to bristles coming loose when you least expect it.

• What product should I use to clean my makeup brushes?

Always use a gentle baby shampoo, never use hair conditioner (the silicon or oils in hair conditioner can weaken or wipe out the glue inside your brush), rinse the bristles clean with cold water, and lay your brushes flat to gently dry overnight. Never dry the brushes with the hairs facing up, water will drip inside the holder that contains the glue to hold the hairs together, and loosen the tightness of the bristles.

• How often should you clean your make-up brushes?

It depends on how often you use them. You should be cleaning brushes that you use cream based products with more often, ideally washing them in warm, soapy water every one-to-two days. Brushes such as your powder, blush and bronzer brushes are best to be cleaned weekly.

• What are the advantages of using a brush over your fingertips?

Not wasting product! By using a brush you are not going to waste any product. You get just the right amount for application. The bonus is it’s hard to go heavy handed when you’re using the right tools. Our fingers hold natural oils; when mixed with product the application will never be as smooth, especially when applying foundation.