Brush Cleaning Advice


Step 1.
Get a gentle or natural shampoo that is appropriate for cleaning brushes. We recommend using Lamica Brush Soap to cleanse both synthetic and natural brushes. It is gentle so it won’t damage the brush and easily clean all makeup leftovers.


Step 2.
Take your dirty brush and squeeze just a bead of shampoo into your hand, then wet the brush and swirl the brush into your hand or Lamica Brush Cleansing Pad to massage the shampoo into the bristles. Then rinse the brush under warm running water. Remember to always keep the bristles facing down. Please note that some brushes might shed during the first few wash.


Step 3.
Gently squeeze the brush into a tissue or towel to remove any excess water and then lay the brushes on a clean towel to dry. We recommend to use Lamica Brush Tree, or you can roll a towel on one side where the handles of the brushes will be laying. They should be at an angle so the water will not stay in the ferrule. This will also help keep the brushes from shedding since water in the ferrule can loosen the hairs or rot them.

Let them dry overnight and enjoy your newly clean shiny brushes!